The Power of Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising has become indispensable to entrepreneurs in an ever-increasingly technology driven world.  Savvy small business owners incorporate social media in their marketing strategies through targeted brand promotions and advertisements.  With monthly usage in the hundreds of millions, social media has hit the mainstream and become a necessary component for small business growth.

Social Media Advertising Statistics:

  • Facebook: 1.23 billion active monthly users
  • Google+: 1.15 billion active monthly users
  • Twitter: 255 million active monthly users
  • Instagram: 175 million active monthly users

Social media, however, can be overwhelming to many small business owners who are managing their own marketing campaigns.  Facebook, currently the most popular social network in the world, is typically the first foyer into the world of social media marketing for many entrepreneurs.  Common mistakes include targeting the wrong audience, using unappealing photos and bad headlines.  To fix these issues, make sure that you use photographs that entice the viewer to click on the ad in conjunction with a Call-To-Action headline.

Great Call-To-Action Headlines:

  • Enter to Win!
  • Get $50 Off!
  • Have you laughed today?

These headlines give the viewer a valuable reason to click on your ad from monetary to psychological rewards.  After ensuring that your social media ad is visually pleasing and provides a valuable, call-to-action reason for the viewer to interact with your ad, the next step is targeting the appropriate audience.  Don’t make the mistake of targeting everyone, narrow your filters to include the clients that are likely to purchase your products or visit your establishment.

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