Professional Certifications Affecting RV Industry Growth

Professional Certifications are a growing factor for ensuring the continuing success and growth of the RV Industry.  As the face of our industry has changed from the mom-and-pop operations of the 1950s to the rapidly expanding dealership chains of the 2010’s, we are forced to create, encourage and sustain education that raises the standards of safety, service and support.  Certifications are the yardstick by which we can measure the success of our efforts and consumers can evaluate a businesses commitment to quality.

Reasons why business owners should encourage certifications:

  • Certifications ensure that you have hired the most qualified applicants for a particular job role.
  • Certifications ensure that your employees have met professional standards established and verified by the RV Industry resulting in a higher level of customer service satisfaction.
  • Hiring certified employees and training / maintaining your employee’s certifications tells the public that your business is concerned about protecting the public and increasing the level of practice.
  • Hiring certified employees increases your ability to recruit other top industry professionals resulting in increased productivity and motivated employees resulting in higher revenue levels.

Reasons why employees should seek certifications:

  • Certifications  assure employers that you have the knowledge and skills to successfully perform a particular job role.
  • Certifications tell employers that you are willing to invest your effort and time to adapt to the demands of your profession.
  • Studies have shown that employees with certifications in their field have more opportunities for professional growth and higher salaries.

As business processes continue to adapt to advances in technology and software, the need for certifications will continue to grow.  The digital options for increasing job performance and productivity are overwhelming and  confusing without the standardization of job duties and practices.  Professional Certification training programs create a benchmark of application expectations and feature opportunities for employees that may not know of their existence without training.  By appropriately utilizing software and technology tools, certified professionals are able to more effectively fulfill their task responsibilities and minimize time expenditures.  This results in a higher rate of job satisfaction and oftentimes financial rewards as technicians turn more flat rate hours, advisors close more repair orders and Parts and Service Departments see resulting revenue gains.

Published in RV Technician Today July 2016

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