Killer Small Business Branding

When you think of branding, the Nike swoosh or distinctive Coca-Cola red and white cursive come to mind.  Establishing a killer Small Business Branding can seem overwhelming but can be easily handled by following these steps.

When Branding a Small Business, First Consider the Following:

Establish Your Identity.  What exactly is a “Brand”?  When you establish a Brand identity, you are defining the perception of your business to others. Think of your business as a person and build your concept of it’s character, it’s beliefs and it’s benefits to society.

  • Mission.  Does your business have a goal to achieve?
  • Message.  Do you have a message to deliver?  How is it different than your competitors?
  • Style.  Is your business traditional, eclectic, quirky…?
  • Mood.  What feeling do you want to project when consumers see your logo?
  • Colors.  What colors support your style and mood?
  • Fonts.  What fonts and typography give voice to your brand?
  • Imagery. Do you have a mascot or
  • Tagline.  Can you capture the essence of your Brand in a simple, memorable phrase?
  • Research Your Prospects.  Don’t rely on what you think that your customers want, research it and know what they need.  What message will resonate with your customers to build long-term relationships?   Do you have enough audience for your brand concept or do you need to widen the target message?
  • Don’t Over-complicate it.  Keep it simple with clean, easily recognizable and remembered elements.  Short and succulent taglines convey your message best.
  • Be consistent.  After establishing your Brand, it can be tempting to forego the message for a particular campaign or ad.  If you forego this step, however, all of your branding efforts will fail.  To become a brand, you must be committed to your voice, your message, and not deviate.

Stay Committed to Your Branding:

After establishing your Brand Identity.  You need to communicate your Brand to your employees and the public.  Think Virgin Airlines – don’t just think it, be it.  If you can sell your employees of the value of your Brand, they will in turn sell your customers.

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